1. I'm a reader and would like to give my opinion on the songs you share. How to do ?

Easy! Look at the top left, you have a "Member Area". Click on it and then on "Log in". Then, you'll be able to create your reader account by clicking on the red button "Create account". Just fill the form, chose your username and a password, and submit with the "Sign in" button at the end. This will allow you to post comments on all articles we wrote. Your comments are also very welcome on our Facebook page, or Instagram, or Twitter account.


2. Do you have Spotify playlists?

Sure! You can find them on the homepage, by clicking on the covers, or in the "Spotify Playlists" menu. If we talk about a song in a review, the review is posted in a category (Sad, Happy, In Love, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Indie Folk, etc.) and you will find it in the corresponding Spotify playlist. It's true that we don't promote this feature too much. But let's remember that we are first and foremost a blog of musical chronicles, and not really a Spotify playlister. But we wanted to offer these playlists to extend your pleasure and expand your discoveries, without having to re-read our nearly 350 reviews.